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What is the real cost of developing an app

This is actually the first question people ask after coming up with an idea of building a mobile application. Customers are always in search of offers that combine superior quality at a low price. The task is rather challenging, as a good service always costs a lot. However, DevMeApp is the best destination for those who want to benefit from cost-effective solutions and efficient strategies.

Many factors determine how much does it cost to make an app. Today we are going to discuss those factors making it easy for customers to proceed with budget planning. No matter if you want to develop a high-quality product for iOS or Android devices, you need to consider several important thing that will affect the final price.


How to Calculate the Cost of App Development?


Major companies establish an hourly rate. In other words, the longer it takes to complete your project, the more you have to pay. The average price per hour may range from $50 to $250 depending on the region and country. European and Asian developers charge less. The price here can start from $20 to $50/hour. Canadian and US-based companies appear to be the most expensive with the highest cost that reaches $250 per hour.

We deliver a combination of affordable prices and superior quality. You will hardly face difficulties when planning your budget ahead considering the complexity of the project. For instance, you need to build a simple app featuring some basic functions and easy code. The implementation of the project may require up to 600 working hours, which is about $20,000.

More complex or so-called medium projects may last for 600-800 hours and cost you about $35,000-$50,000. They may include a set of additional features like API integration, payment options and backend server.

High-load projects that require implementing advanced technologies may take over 800 hours to complete the task. The price may range from $60,000 to $80,000. These are mainly loaded with features apps like social networks, music or dating apps, streaming services and more.


Factors to Define the App Development Cost


Most people think that the cost of making an app depends on the time and hourly rates. This is wrong. Many crucial points and aspects may influence the entire development process as well as its price. You need to decide how complicated your product is. It will determine the number of additional features and tools necessary to implement.

Developers to Hire

You will hardly face any difficulties in finding a team of skillful developers to implement your project. However, you will have to choose between independent developers, freelancers or well-established and reputable companies. The choice will mostly depend on requirements prescribed by the development process and project in general.

Whenever you need to build a simple app without extended features, opting for a freelancer or independent team is a good option to reduce the cost. Projects that are more complicated require great programming skills in addition to UI/UX design, promotion, testing and maintenance. In this case, you will need a professional team of developers able to deal with the most difficult and challenging tasks.

We can boast numerous completed projects in various fields. Our team consists of professional coders, designers, programmers, marketers and testers. No matter what platform you are aimed at, we guarantee high quality in addition to cost-effective solutions.


More Factors to Consider


Apart from developers, you should also take into account such factors as:

  • Technical complexity – a selection of features, tools and services to implement in the app;
  • A number of OS and devices – you can develop an app for iOS or Android as well as for both platforms;
  • Animation, Design and Interface – these are to enable high level of users impression and engagement.

All the above-mentioned will definitely influence the cost of your project. Our company offers affordable app development featuring superior quality.

Contact us and get to know the  app development price for your project!